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• Israeli TV, Channel 1: "Mabat Tarbut" - a brief overview on the "Holding" Exhibition
[aired on: November 6, 2007]  Click here to view a video excerpt.

• Kol Israel, Reshet Bet: Miri Krimlovski in an interview with Yoav Ginai about the "Holding" Exhibition. The Israeli Radio, [aired on: November 9, 2007]:

"[...] A highly recommended exhibition in Haifa, at the Pyramida Gallery. This is a gallery I love talking about, because it is located in Wadi Salib,a very interesting place and is managed by Avraham Eilat.
Sara Kahana's exhibition "Holding" deals with a female figure that is engaged in some kind of a breakthrough. In the context of expressive art. Sara is clearly engaged with both very internal and external issues. Her women emerge out of the colored surfaces, layers of layers of paint that are very expressive. She shows us how art, if we talk about emotion, how art should not necessarily reflect reality as it is, but rather offer a reflection of the artist's soul .A very interesting exhibition. In general, Wadi Slib, and this place - Pyramida - are always worth a visit [...]"

Click here for the hebrew version.

• Radio 88FM: Prof. Shlomo Giora Shoham's Daily recommendation. The Israeli Radio, [aired on: September 21, 2009]. Click here for the hebrew version.


"A Studio Visit", an article on The Marker Café, by Eden Orion  [04.04.2012]

"Will soon reach Pastoral", Tavi Art Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel.
[31.03.2011 - 28.04.2011]

"Wild Exaggeration: The Grotesque Body in Contemporary Art" Exhibition at the Haifa Museum of Art, Haifa Israel  Click here for English site  |  Click here for Hebrew site
[18.07.2009 - 02.01.2010]

"Holding" Exhibition at the Pyramida Center for Contemporary art, Haifa Israel
[13.10.2007 - 04.12.2007]

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